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Beware of "author" William A. Gordon:

Kent State vendetta 1984-2015

Beware of his misleading books about Kent State 1970: FOUR DEAD IN OHIO and also THE FOURTH OF MAY. Both are the same bogus 1981 book sold with two titles in 1990, 1995 & again in 2015 with an "updated" version including additional deceptions, attacks & smears against May 4 activists.-----

William A. Gordon's Kent State vendetta: 1984-2015

During decades of our ongoing May 4 Movement for truth and justice at Kent State in Kent, Ohio, one peculiar individual has maintained a perpetual vendetta against Alan Canfora, Kent May 4 Center, May 4 Task Force, Kent State University, KSU Professor Jerry M. Lewis, the late KSU Professor Glenn Frank and others too numerous to mention here.

William A. Gordon, aka Bill Gordon, was born and raised in Akron, Ohio, and attended Akron University as a freshman when the students were killed at Kent State in 1970. Bill Gordon transferred to KSU, curried favor with KSU student government leaders and, for a brief time, played a small role in the early KSU movement seeking truth and justice until he graduated KSU in 1973.

Later, saying he was writing a book, Bill Gordon won the trust of our 1970 victims’ families until he began to associate with attorneys for the Ohio National Guard during our 1975 civil lawsuit trial in Cleveland’s Federal Court House. I was chosen by the plaintiffs to stop Gordon’s ongoing attempts to attend our families’ meetings with our attorneys in Cleveland.

Later, in 1975-76, the first year of our May 4 Task Force student organization at KSU, Bill Gordon was the apartment room-mate of M4TF leader Steve Timinsky until Timinsky bitterly denounced Gordon and exposed Gordon’s repeated subterfuge.

Never a dedicated M4TF activist, Bill Gordon played no role in our post-1975 May 4 Movement including the 1977-78 “Move the Gym” protests joined by families of our 1970 victims and many thousands of others.

When M4TF students at KSU started our campaign for a May 4 memorial in 1980, Bill Gordon was not a player.

Bill Gordon was supposedly finishing his book but flailing and failing to find a publisher. By his own admission, he was rejected by every publisher – over 100 in all -- he approached at the time.

Gordon says he completed his book in 1981, although he continued to remain extremely frustrated, by his frequent failures to find a publisher. Later he admitted much of his book was simply a rehash of earlier studies that theorized about May 4, 1970.

Gordon’s publishing failures led to obsession, frustration, and, ultimately, vendetta and lasting anger.

Simultaneously, from 1980 until 1990, M4TF students at KSU and families of the 1970 victims were pressuring KSU to build a proper May 4 Memorial.

Bill Gordon, seeking media attention, initially wrote a respectable article supporting the M4TF May 4 Memorial campaign in the Cleveland Plain Dealer on April 27, 1983 (see the vast collection of Gordon’s writing below).

By 1984, however, Gordon’s extreme frustration about his failure to find a publisher exploded when he repeatedly demanded KSU and the M4TF should abandon the May 4 Memorial proposal and publish his oft-rejected book as a “memorial book”!

At first, taken aback and baffled, M4TF students and KSU rejected Gordon’s self-serving 1984 “memorial book” proposal. Frustrated, obsessed and angry Bill Gordon turned on May 4 activists with a vengeance. He also continued to fail in his efforts to publish his book.

*ALAN’S NOTE: Ultimately, William A. Gordon’s quite mediocre 1981 book was published later in 1990 and 1995 and now "updated" in 2015 with added distortions, smears &attacks. The devious Mr. Gordon deceptively publishes the same book under two different titles: THE FOURTH OF MAY and, exploiting our martyrs and Neil Young, FOUR DEAD IN OHIO.

That lame book is self-published. Neither book, under either title, is worthwhile, in my expert opinion.

However, Bill Gordon’s Hollywood tour-guide books are actually rather good, my Hollywood contacts say. If you want to put food on Bill Gordon’s table, buy his tour-guides and not his quite biased May 4 book.

Since 1984, Bill Gordon has maintained his decades-long vendetta against M4TF students, KSU, certain KSU professors and, especially, Alan Canfora. Why? We dared to pursue a permanent and lasting May 4 Memorial tribute to those martyred at Kent instead of appeasing a deservedly-rejected author named Bill Gordon.

1984, guaranteed to be a strange year by George Orwell, was a bitter turning point for Bill Gordon and our effective May 4 Movement in Kent, Ohio. Gordon later departed for southern California to write tour-guide books and self-publish.

We have proceeded well here in Ohio without Bill Gordon. I have personally not seen Bill Gordon in Kent in decades. C’est la vie.

The Kent May 4 Center was established in 1989 as an off-campus complement assisting M4TF students into the next century. Kent May 4 Center, with Alan Canfora as the unpaid volunteer Director since 1989, remains a tax-exempt, non-profit educational charity long-recognized in good standing by the IRS.

On May 4, 1990, to the great consternation of Bill Gordon who predicted our failure, the first phase of the partially-built May 4 Memorial was dedicated in a pouring rainfall outside of Taylor Hall on Blanket Hill. Over 3,000 students silently protested and vowed to ultimately realize full construction of the temporarily-delayed May 4 Memorial.

M4TF students realized further success in 1999 when KSU memorialized the four parking spaces where the four martyrs were killed. The remarkable M4TF students continue to meet weekly at KSU planning annual commemorations and other educational events.

In wartime during 1991 and the years of the current insane Bush-Iraq war, the M4TF carries on the proud 1970 tradition of KSU anti-war activism. The organization is now in their fourth decade of existence.

Alas, William A. Gordon derides all KSU activism, especially May 4 activism, regardless of who promotes it. Since 1984, Gordon has attacked others and promoted himself.

Unfortunately, on a regular basis, “May 4 author” William A. Gordon savages those who challenged him decades ago. Younger M4TF students (not even born when Gordon’s 1984 vendetta began) are confused each year by Gordon’s attacks. We are forced to annually explain the sordid history of the malevolent Mr. Gordon.

When “William A. Gordon” again attacked Alan Canfora, Kent May 4 Center and the late KSU Professor Glenn Frank (an undisputed May 4, 1970 hero) recently in February of 2007 at the History News Network’s HNN.US web site, not only did Alan Canfora respond, he was motivated to place this online evidence of the decades of treachery by William A. Gordon.

In the future, when “William A. Gordon” inevitably attacks again and again, please refer any confused individuals to this information here.

We will add more as Gordon offers in the future, of course.

William A. Gordon has a well-documented history, indeed. He has not been on our side since 1984.

Perversely, “May 4 author” Bill Gordon has evolved into the best friend of those who oppose our ongoing May 4 Movement in opposition to the cover-up of the Kent State massacre of May 4, 1970.


As the following list of letters and documents reveal, Gordon has:

A) opposed the establishment of a memorial at Kent State;

B) called on the university to ban Alan Canfora from the campus;

C) called for the de-funding of the M4TF;

D) repeatedly called the M4TF “a cult”;

E) at a time when various state governments are beginning to reopen the cases of civil rights activists slain in the 1950s and 60s, Gordon asks why the government has not pursued anti-war protestors more vigorously for their acts against the war. 




April 27, 1983, Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper:
article title: “Will a memorial be built at KSU and what will it say?”, by Bill Gordon:


“…Kent State ‘belongs to the ages’, as one professor put it. There is a student organization at Kent, though, that says there is still one major piece of unfinished business.
“The May 4 Task Force wants a memorial built on the campus to preserve the memory of the incident and honor the four students who were killed…student leaders have asked the university to form a committee …to decide a theme for the memorial, study memorial plans, plan for a suitable location and supervise and make recommendations during each step of the process.
“…this issue is not likely to go away…the university might be willing to give the students that much of a concession in hopes of finally putting the May 4 issue to rest.
“In addition to remembering the victims, a memorial might serve one other purpose. It is Kent State’s last chance to make amends for its lack of sensitivity about the event…
“One cannot help viewing the matter of our ‘war memorial’, wrote KSU history Prof. Gerald Newman, “as a small test of the greatness or littleness of this institution.”


August 15, 1983, Akron Beacon Journal newspaper:
article title: “Akron’s ‘other’ author has a book to be published”, by Steve Love:

“For a man who has been rejected so many times there’s hardly anyone left to reject him…Gordon is not committed, he’s obsessed…
“Gordon cannot interest anyone in his book about the 1970 Kent State shootings…
“’There was a time,’ Gordon said, ‘when I had run out of publishers to send it to.’”


April 20, 1984, Daily Kent Stater newspaper:
article title: “May 4 memorial book proposed by graduate”, by Sue Schisler:

“A proposal for a memorial book…has been presented to University President Michael Schwartz, Bill Gordon, a 1973 Kent State graduate, said.
“There have been dozens of other proposals for the memorial besides a book,” Schwartz said…
“Gordon said he does not support a proposal for a scholarship or statue as a memorial to the four killed…
“As for a monument or sculpture, Gordon said, one could be erected near Taylor Hall. However, he said, any monument or sculpture, no matter how moving, would serve limited objectives. Gordon said that is why he made his proposal…”


September 26, 1984, Daily Kent Stater newspaper:
letter to editor, title: “Kent State previously offered memorial to May 4 shootings”, by Bill Gordon:

Editor, Stater: “This may come as a surprise to some of those who would like to see a memorial to the May 4, 1970, shootings, but Kent State was actually offered a memorial seven months ago…This memorial I am referring to happens to be a book…”
“There might have been legitimate reasons why the university might not have wanted to work with me or vice versa. However, there was no reason not to even discuss the proposal. Kent State refused to even talk with me…”


October 3, 1984, Daily Kent Stater newspaper:
letter to editor, title: “Victims of May 4 deserve lasting monument, not book”, by May 4 Task Force:

Editor, Stater: “The members of the May 4 Task Force feel the need to respond at this time to Bill Gordon’s letter to the Stater concerning his ‘book’ and the question of the May 4 Memorial. We resent Mr. Gordon’s desperate and self-serving attempt to negate our organization’s memorial efforts.
“For almost three years now, the May 4 Task Force has been sincerely working through proper channels with the hope of achieving a lasting monument dedicated to Allison Krause, Sandra Scheuer, Jeffrey Miller and William Schroeder, the four KSU students killed here on May 4, 1970. We have the endorsements of the families of the KSU victims and their chief trial attorney, Sanford Rosen of California.
“We also have the endorsements of major campus organizations including: the Undergraduate and Graduate Student Senates, the Faculty Senate, Black United Students, and Kent Interhall Council. The Daily Kent Stater has also taken a principled position by publishing several past editorials in support of a monument for Allison, Jeff, Sandy and Bill.
“Past suggestions of a memorial book, scholarship or academic program have been criticized because of future budget cuts or administrative decisions.
“We seek a monument for two reasons: 1) Because it is a permanent and lasting tribute. 2) Because Allison, Jeff, Sandy and Bill deserve a major tribute to the significance of their lives and their deaths.
“Bill Gordon’s book may well be a major or minor contribution – if it ever gets published. Gordon’s ‘book’ has been rejected by over 100 publishers. By his own admission, he is ‘one of America’s most rejected authors’. Perhaps he should continue to seek to get his ‘book’ published elsewhere instead of trying to subvert the widely-supported monument proposal here at KSU…
“The lack of a proper, permanent memorial at Kent State serves as a grim reminder that KSU has not yet made peace with the past, as described here last May by wounded student Tom Grace. Now is the time for KSU to make peace with the past as we move on to a brighter future.
“We welcome the heartfelt comments of the mother of slain student Jeffrey Miller, Elaine Holstein, who recently wrote to KSU President Michael Schwartz to express her ‘…strong support of the efforts of the May 4 Task Force in their quest for a permanent, appropriate memorial which will pay homage to the memory of my son and Allison, Sandy and Bill. I feel sure you will agree that such a monument is long overdue.’”


December 6, 1984, Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper,
article title: “Is KSU trying to forget?” by Bill Gordon:

“This is addressed to Dr. Michael Schwartz, ,president of Kent State University. In the next few weeks the committee you appointed to consider possible memorials to the May 4, 1970, killings on your campus will give you its final report.”
“…you brilliantly neutralized the students who asked for a monument…Given the irresponsible behavior of some of those students and their backers, shutting them up and defusing the issue were worthwhile goals. We can agree that there is no excuse for threatening demonstrations on the 15th anniversary if they do not get a monument.”
“…Before your committee was established, the chairman of your board of trustees told me: ‘We don’t need a monument. He may very well be right. Certainly a Kent State memorial would not serve the same function as the Vietnam Memorial in Washington. Let’s face it: Few people are going to go to a Kent State monument to wail.”
“Why…would not you at least discuss the offer of…the only memorial already completed and made available to the university: a memorial book?”
“…Certainly your professors will not insist on a memorial. And you do not have to worry about the few holdovers from the ‘60s making noises about demonstrations next spring. Kent State’s days of protest are over. Your current students won’t even question authority.”


April 15, 1987, Daily Kent Stater newspaper:
article title: “Economics, hidden agendas, spell doom for memorial”, by Bill Gordon:

“Someone ought to tell the children of the May 4 Task Force that what they want or do not want in terms of a memorial is no longer relevant.
“There is not going to be a memorial built on the campus, and it does not matter whether the students like it or not….
“I have heard an enormous amount of nonsense about how future generations are going to learn something by some magical process of osmosis or be inspired by the bricks…”


April 4, 1991, Daily Kent Stater newspaper:
Letter to editor, title: “Author thinks May 4 Task Force an embarrassment”, by William Gordon, Burbank, California:


“…I was disappointed (in fact amazed) to learn the commemoration program is still in the hands of the May 4 Task Force. I know I am not the only person who is tired of hearing the same old broken records, the incessant propagandizing and the shameless exploitation of the dead. It is offensive and the May 4 Task Force has repeatedly proven itself to be an embarrassment to all concerned.
“The student government of Kent State could do all of us an enormous favor by refusing to fund any more task force-sponsored programs and by taking over responsibility for the vigil and all other commemoration programs related to May 4.”


May 3, 1991, Daily Kent Stater newspaper:
letter to editor, title: “Victim of May 4 defends task force”, by Alan Canfora:

“Since 1975, when a conservative Kent State University administration crudely decided to end annual May 4 commemoration events, the students of the May 4 Task Force have performed annual, valuable educational and commemorative functions.
“The May 4 Task Force, established in October of 1975 by student government leaders at Kent State, remains one of the most respected and lasting Kent State student organizations. Of course, due to the nature of their organization, the May 4 Task Force has been the focus of occasional criticism…
“Throughout the years, the leadership of the May 4 Task Force has firmly stood opposed to all criticism and remained focused upon legitimate traditional goals: education and commemoration. The work of the May 4 Task Force remains as a lasting tribute to the memory of their fellow students.
“When exaggerated criticism is raised against the May 4 Task Force, a person must examine the motives of the critic. A recent pathetic example is the April 4 letter to the Stater from author William Gordon.
“For those who are unaware of Gordon’s longstanding petty feud with the May 4 Task Force, I would like to remind them that Gordon carries an old grudge. His recent letter is a sad reflection of this fact.
“Gordon’s feud has roots in 1984 when the May 4 Task Force refused to derail its May 4 memorial advocacy role. Gordon tried to replace the May 4 Memorial campaign in an attempt to publish his book as ‘a memorial book’.
“In an October 1984 letter to the Stater, the May 4 Task Force stated: ‘We resent Mr. Gordon’s desperate and self-serving attempt to negate our organization’s memorial efforts.’
“…Gordon’s recent letter to the Stater is only a recent example of his own personal resentfulness. Gordon and other spiteful critics must be opposed and the efforts of the May 4 Task Force should be defended and praised.
“There is much unfinished May 4-related work to be performed by the May 4 Task Force and other concerned students and citizens."


September 6, 1991, Daily Kent Stater newspaper:
letter to editor, “Canfora and Kent State; A stormy relationship”, by William Gordon:

“…Canfora is crazy when he suggests we need to enlarge the memorial on campus…
“His influence has been so continuously destructive that Kent State should have ended it long ago. The best way to end it now is for the student senate to stop funding the Task Force, which has never been an educational organization and which Canfora still uses to promote his political goals. The student senate is quite capable of taking over the annual candlelight vigil or any other May 4 traditions that the students at Kent wish to continue.
“It may be too much to ask that new president of Kent State to permanently ban Canfora from the campus. If she did, though, I would support her 100 percent”


April 30, 1995, Akron Beacon Journal newspaper:
book review, Four Dead in Ohio, re-issued book by William A Gordon,
article title: “Author still has no answer on shootings”, by Steve Love:

“…Gordon, an Akron native and Kent graduate who now lives in California…May 4 is his addiction. Though he has gone on with his life, making a success of tour books, his reissued and retitled May 4 book strikes an ironic note.
“Gordon’s current writing—The Ultimate Hollywood Tour Book—guides people successfully to the sites of Tinseltown’s biggest scandals, whereas his previous and deeper work on the Ohio National Guardsmen’s shootings that killed four persons has fallen short of taking us to a final destination.
“That hasn’t changed.
“The subtitle of Four Dead in Ohio says it all: Was There a Conspiracy at Kent State?...Gordon still has no answer.
“As in The Fourth of May, Killings and Coverups at Kent State, the 1990 hardback version to which Gordon has made minor and cosmetic changes in this new trade paperback edition, the complex events of May 4 are approached obliquely…
“The book remains what it was when it was finished in 1981, what it was when it was published in 1990: ‘Essentially a reappraisal of all the different theories for the shootings from all the earlier books’. That’s what Gordon told free-lance writer and former Hudson resident Charles Schollenberger during a recent interview.
“I’d hoped for more.
“…Gordon’s difficulty in finding a publisher for the book in the first place stems, it seems to me, from his reluctance to turn mountains of research into a personal essay…I’d hoped that in this reissue, Gordon would be less journalist and more essayist.
“’If you look at the literature on these kinds of cases,’ he told Schollenberger, ‘you realize no journalist, no scholar or historian has ever really resolved anything.’
“…Gordon said there was no smoking gun in cases such as Kent. But there is…”


ALAN’S NOTE: Below is local KSU hype planted by Bill Gordon to promote his specialty -- Hollywood tour-guide books:

Notice he also promotes a hoax about his “two books on the May 4, 1970 Kent State University shootings” which are actually his same 1981 book with two deceptive titles from 1990 and 1995.

Autumn, 1999, Kent Alumni quarterly magazine:
book publication announcement, title: “Kent Alumni Author Tours Hollywood”:

“William A. Gordon, ’73, focuses on the movie capital’s history during “The Ultimate Hollywood Tour” slide show at the Santa Monica Public Library at 1:30pm, April 13 in Santa Monica, California.
“The lecture is based on one of Gordon’s books, The Ultimate Hollywood Tour Book, a guide book to the city’s best known sites. Gordon is the author of two books that take a unique look at Hollywood, the tour book and Shot On This Site: A Traveler’s Guide To the Places and Locations Used to Film Famous Movies and Television Shows. He has also written two books on the May 4, 1970 Kent State University shootings.”


April 25, 2000, Daily Kent Stater newspaper:
article title: “May 4 conspiracy author speaks out”, by Andy Netzel:

“…Gordon has been critical of both the university and the May 4 Task Force in their handling of this year’s commemoration…
“Gordon has been highly criticized by many, including Alan Canfora, one of the nine students wounded who actively works on the Kent May 4 Center. Canfora said Gordon’s opinions should be taken lightly because he has a personal vendetta against both the university and the May 4 Task Force…
“[Gordon said:]…The Task Force is…like a cult.”


April 25, 2006, History News Network, online:

“…with the passage of time, the tragedy has lost most of its relevance to life in America today. It means very little to students today. In fact, neither the activists nor anyone else on Kent State's payroll has given anyone a good reason to revisit the subject."


May 4, 2005, Daily Kent Stater newspaper:
article title: “unsolved mysteries of May 4, 1970”, by William A. Gordon.

“…Why were some protesters responsible for the ROTC fire two nights before the killings never prosecuted by the government?”


ALAN’S NOTE: Below, in 2005, William A. Gordon distorts his own abusive relationship with M4TF students in the 1980's:

10-24-05, Daily Kent Stater:
article title: “May 4 Task Force a waste of funding”, by William A. Gordon:

“…I got my first introduction to the M4TF's mindset back in the 1980s when I asked its members if I could speak at its programs. At that time, my book on May 4 had not yet been published, but I had written a number of articles and opinion pieces…
“Not only did the M4TF refuse to let me speak, but when I tried to go around it and contacted other student groups, I was subjected to vicious attacks. Kids I had never met claimed my views were not valid. What they were really saying was that my values were much too mainstream and middle class.
“Here they were, a group of Kent State students entrusted to be the custodians of the memory of May 4, and they were trying to block a leading authority on the tragedy from speaking. This kind of nonsense happens all the time...
“…the May 4 Task Force…a group that consists, for the most part, of incessant propagandists…The memory of May 4 is not best served by mindless sloganeering, attempts to glorify student protest (an issue, I can assure you, no grown-up cares about)…Student government needs to keep funding May 4 programming. It just does not need to fund this cult.”


February, 2007: at online, William A. Gordon attacked a true May 4, 1970 hero--the deceased KSU Professor Glenn Frank:

"On the 25th anniversary, one of his activist friends, an editor for Cleveland's Free Times, claimed that a late geology professor, Glenn Frank, wrote a wonderful manuscript that went far beyond that of mortal men. The claim was that Frank, a one-man crusader for the truth, dug deeper than anyone and uncovered new evidence that every other journalist and scholar overlooked.

"It turned out that there was a serious question as to whether or not Frank even wrote anything—or just dictated into a tape recorder what Canfora’s friend admitted were scattered notes. What was clear to anyone who heard Frank speak on campus was that he was completely out of his element; that he came across more like a headless chicken than a bona fide expert; and that he did not know which questions to ask or even where to turn to for help. This, of course, did not stop another gullible Beacon Journal reporter from again confusing the geology professor with an investigative reporter…

"What I am saying is that Glenn Frank was not also an heroic scholar. I listened to him speak twice on campus, and have read his only known writings on the subject (letters to the editor.) Frank came across exactly as he was depicted in the NBC docudrama on May 4: as a befuddled, out-of-his-element professor who was hopelessly lost once he ventured outside the four corners of his academic department. The claim that Frank was the principal scholar of May 4, or even a scholar of May 4, was deliberately fabricated. It was a hoax designed to keep May 4 in the news.

"Third, I do not believe for a moment believe that Glenn Frank finished anything publishable. Anyone who thinks Glenn Frank was a great scholar of May 4 should go to Kent archives, listen to his own words, and try to find anything he wrote. (Good luck.) What you will find on the tapes is someone who was still asking beginner's questions--and often the wrong questions at that. Others had been asked and answered years ago, but he did not seem to know where to find answers and was completely oblivious to the mountains of information that had been deliberately preserved for future scholars."


In February of 2007, after we announced our discovery of proof of the 1970 order to shoot, California tourist-guide author William A. Gordon once again attacked Alan Canfora, Kent May 4 Center, deceased KSU Professor Glenn Frank and others. Why?

To continue his vendetta and draw attention to himself and his lame 1981-written, out-of-date, self-published "book", William A. Gordon smeared us at online in February of 2007. Here's our February response:

Alan Canfora wrote:

 "There is nothing new in his methods. Bill Gordon has a longstanding vendetta against me, the Kent May 4 Center, May 4 Task Force students at KSU and many others. Predictably, Gordon once again attacks Alan Canfora, the Kent May 4 Center and, strangely, the late KSU Professor Glenn Frank (a true hero of May 4, 1970). On earlier occasions, Mr. Gordon has similarly attacked KSU Professor Jerry M. Lewis, May 4 author Peter Davies and others deserving praise instead of Gordon’s poison pen.

"In January of 2006, here at HNN online, Mr. Gordon viciously attacked me and our non-profit educational organization, the Kent May 4 Center. Because I’m still the man who dared to stand up to Ohio National Guardsmen aiming rifles in my direction in 1970, I do not fear Mr. Gordon. I responded to Gordon’s 2006 smears here at HNN but your readers cannot view the exchange which was later removed at the request of Mr. Gordon…

"It’s not surprising Gordon misunderstands us here in Ohio. He remains far removed in California, quite distant geographically and intellectually, from our true situation in Kent, Ohio. Bill Gordon has not participated in our longstanding May 4 Movement for truth and justice since he departed decades ago to find his career as a Hollywood tour-guide author.

"At his own web site, ( ) Bill Gordon says his self-published Kent State book is “satire” and he is described as a “free lance journalist”. Mr. Gordon is not a serious historian.

"Any legitimate and academically credentialed historian would welcome major developments exposing crucial, misunderstood truths and not forever pursue petty vendettas and engage in personal attacks. Instead, Gordon only seeks to draw attention to himself.

"William A. Gordon is basically irrelevant to May 4 activists here in Ohio. We never see him and rarely hear from him except when he predictably attacks somebody doing something, anything, about May 4, 1970. While he is simply a nuisance, his charges cannot go unanswered."


How pathetic. Conservative attack-dog William A. Gordon -- the out-of-the-loop California tour-guide author -- has evolved into the best friend of those who seek to continue the Kent State cover-up here in Ohio.


A mean-spirited hater such as William A. Gordon deserves neither respect nor the self-serving attention he craves...


Commentary in the Daily Kent Stater, by Alan Canfora,

August 8, 2010:

Why does The Stater allow William A. Gordon to publish his smears online? In recent years, Gordon tried the same exact smears online at History News Network and they promptly removed Gordon’s personal vendetta attacks.

In response to the latest absurd attacks of William “The Ghoul” Gordon here at The Stater online, I will again waste 5 minutes to defend the educational charity Kent May 4 Center (KM4C) and myself as KM4C Director. Then I will ignore the irrelevant “Ghoul” Gordon till his next predictable attack and respond again. It is sort of a parlour game for some us here in Kent since 1984.

Since 1989, Kent May 4 Center has been recognized as a category 501 (c)(3) non-profit educational charity in good standing with the State of Ohio and the IRS of the US Government. If the government has never had a problem with our non-profit educational charity during the past 21 years, why does William Gordon smear us again and again?

Every dollar ever raised by the Kent May 4 Center since 1989 has been spent for May 4-educational purposes as defined in the Mission Statement of the KM4C available online:

This includes tens of thousands of dollars we have donated to the May 4 Task Force student organization in support of various educational events including annual commemorations, May 4 speakers, travel expenses, scholarships and other valid educational expenses.

Note: we have never invited William A. Gordon once for any May 4 event, for obvious reasons.

Kent May 4 Center has also donated tens of thousands of dollars to Vietnam veterans’ charity organizations in Ohio, again according to our Mission Statement.

This is publicly-available information which the government approves and Mr. Gordon knows well. So why does “The Ghoul” Gordon attack the Kent May 4 Center, the May 4 Task Force, various KSU professors and others since his vendetta against us began in 1984?

So, here we go again, some questions for Mr. Gordon:

1) Since he questions our fund-raising, how much money has William “The Ghoul” Gordon made by exploiting the deaths of four KSU students and the title of Neil Young’s CSNY song “Four Dead in Ohio”? How much money has this tourist-guide author made from his books about dead Hollywood celebrities?

2) How much money has William “The Ghoul” Gordon donated to May 4-related educational activities? *An excellent question Gordon will not answer.

3) Why do you thank Alan Canfora in an acknowledgement in your decades-old, self-published, Kent State-related book and then decide to attack Canfora later for decades?

4) When and why did you start your 26-year attacks against Alan Canfora, Kent May 4 Center, May 4 Task Force, KSU Professor Jerry M. Lewis, KSU Professor Glenn Frank and numerous others? *Gordon never answers this logical question.

5) When will you stop all your predictable, crybaby attacks?

Finally, Mr. Gordon’s scurrilous perennial attacks upon me and the Kent May 4 Center and others are certainly libelous, according to our attorneys. And we have saved all of Gordon’s published attacks in files digitally.

So, now you may fully understand William A. Gordon and his three poor-selling, outdated, ghoulish, self-published Kent State 1970 & tourist-guide Hollywood books which exploit dead people.