Alan Canfora photographs:

     Soon I will upload many photographs here.



     Online Alan Canfora PHOTOS:



     Alan Canfora/Black Flag,

     Kent State 1970, click link & photo:

      FLICKR, Alan Canfora in 1991,

      "Portraits: Social Activists of 20th Century":




        USA TODAY 2010:



       Alan Canfora VIDEOS online:



       2010: best online TV documentary, Kent State 1970-2010:




   CNN 2012: Alan Canfora, includes order to fire audio:




     1991, Alan Canfora interview.

     YouTube video, lengthy, in two parts.

    * NOTE: Alan Canfora is NOT

       the long-haired, bearded,

       hippie dude who was the



Alan Canfora