Alan Canfora

May 4, 1970,  Kent State

expert, eyewitness, activist, casualty



2015 Kent State SCHEDULE of

May 1 – 4 Commemoration events:

May 1: 7pm:   Documentary film & music show at Kent Stage in downtown Kent -- final edit of film “Fire in the Heartland”, with focus upon KSU anti-war activism 1968-1970 including eyewitness descriptions of the massacre. The only film focused upon the roots of rebellion & the massacre at Kent State. *Also, live music performance by the band Half Cleveland featuring 1970 Kent student Chris Butler & his new album, “Easy Life” about Kent 1970. Order tickets now! Seriously.

May 1, 8pm – 2am:    Live music at Stone Tavern in downtown Kent featuring reggae master Carlos Jones & others. Age 21+ only.

May 2, Noon – 4pm: educational workshops at KSU Student Center on campus:                        Noon, room 309, Conflict Resolution with Jacqueline Bleak;                                             1 pm, room 318, Muslim Student Association;                                                                    2pm, room 309, Women’s Activism with Candy Knox (1968-69 Kent SDS leader);                          3pm, room 318, Black United Students (BUS);                                                                     4pm, room 309, KSU student activism, past & present, 1969 SDS & 2015 M4TF. 

May 2, 8pm – 2am: free live music show by the legendary Numbers Band (15-60-75) at the Venice Café,  *suggestion: old-timers, get there early for table or seat, this place will be packed*  See also:

May 3:                                                                                                                                                 1pm-2pm: KSU Student Center, room TBA: documentary film screening with intro by Elizabeth Winters of Hanover College.;                                                                                       2pm-3pm, KSU Student Center, room TBA: authors panel featuring 1970 KSU eyewitness Lois Van Buren & 13 Seconds book authors Joe Eszterhas & Michael Roberts;                          

4pm-6pm: KSU Student Center Kiva Auditorium: discussion of new book, Kent State: Death & Dissent in the Long Sixties, featuring author Tom Grace, moderator Laura Davis, 1960’s KSU activists Barbara Brock & Ken Hammond, author Greg Wilson & historian Kenneth Bindas;    

6:30-9pm: KSU Student Center Kiva Auditorium: Vietnam Veterans Panel Discussion with intro by Paul Chappell of the Nuclear Peace Foundation;                                                             1

11pm-midnight: 45th Annual Candlelight March, gather at the Victory Bell, KSU Commons, silent march around campus Prentice Hall Parking Lot where students were killed.

May 4:

May 4: noon-2pm, KSU Commons 45th Annual May 4 Commemoration: featuring Dick Gregory as keynote speaker and other speakers & musicians (if rain, KSU Student Center Ballroom);

May 4, 3pm-4pm, room 200 in White Hall, documentary film, “The Story of the Kent State Shootings”, by KSU professor Drew Tiene featuring 1970 massacre eyewitness interviews.


2014 Kent News and Events


MAJOR NEWS: A new one-hour CNN TV documentary focused upon Kent State 1970! Anderson Cooper 360, thank you very much. Possible CNN coverage includes breaking news about a fresh analysis of digital audio evidence proving the order to fire on May 4, 1970, as well as breaking news about a new feature film about our 1970 anti-war revolt & subsequent massacre. Date: TBA. Details here soon.


44th Annual May 4 Commemoration events:

May 3 & 4, 2014



May 4 Task Force student organization at Kent State University announces events...


May 3. 2014: afternoon forum TBA: "Lessons of 1960s Activism", featuring Staughton Lynd, Dr. Timothy Smith, Tom Grace, and others. 


May 3, 7pm: Kiva Auditorium, KSU Student Center, panel discussion featuring: 1970 eyewitnesses Dean Kahler, Joe Lewis, Tom Grace, Chic Canfora; Chris Butler, friend of martyr Jeff Miller; Niki Schwartz (Kent 25 attorney); Bill Means (Native American leader).


May 3, 11pm: KSU Commons Victory Bell gathering for annual Candlelight March around campus.


May 4, 2014: noon-2pm, 44th Annual Commemoration, featuring speakers Chris Butler, Dean Kahler, Joe Lewis, Niki Schwartz, Bill Means, Robin Y. Jackson (student from Jackson State University), and others; music by Charlie Mosbrook. KSU Commons outoors. Student Center Ballroom, if rain.








2013 Kent News and Events


*see 2013 Commemoration schedule below*






Kent May 4 Center statement, May 3, 2013:





On May 1, 2007, Kent May 4 Center announced our discovery of digital, audio, forensic evidence proving the Kent State tragedy was an intentional massacre based upon a verbal command to "Fire!"
On May 3, 2012, statements were announced at a widely reported news conference by Kent May 4 Center, May 4 Task Force & the surviving injured casualties of the Kent State tragedy. United, we stood committed to further action only days after the US Department of Justice rejected our appeal for truth & justice based upon digital, forensic evidence we discovered within the 1970 tape recording made by student Terry Strubbe.
On May 3, 2012, Kent May 4 Center issued a statement announcing this plan of 2012-2013 action:

1)    We seek & welcome further analysis and verification of the digital Strubbe recorded evidence by additional sound-analysis experts world-wide;

2)    We ask our Ohio government leaders, specifically Governor John Kasich and Attorney General Mike DeWine, to facilitate new analysis of this evidence at the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation;

3)    We request public support by Kent State University, Ohio elected officials and members of Congress to build pressure for truth and reconciliation;

4)    If we must, we will pursue truth and justice in various courts of law on the state, federal and international levels including the International Court of Justice, UN Human Rights Council, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights and others to be announced as necessary;

5)    We appeal to Amnesty International and the American Civil Liberties Union to assist our efforts;

6)    We appeal to our supporters across America and world-wide to raise your voices and your attention now as we enter our final campaign to attain truth and justice;

7)    Finally, we appeal to the 1970 members of the Ohio National Guard who were ordered to shoot and kill unarmed students. You were also victimized on May 4, 1970, by the burden of history and guilt placed upon you by the officers who commanded you to kill. Come forward and join us, for the sake of healing and reconciliation, and admit the truth about our common tragedy.
NOTE: we considered but rejected appeals to the International Court of Justice at The Hague & The United Nations Human Rights Council as unrealistic, cumbersome, time-consuming and unlikely to attain our goal of prompt government acknowledgement of the truth to attain a semblance of justice in the near future. After our announcement on May 3, 2012, others later actually appealed to The Hague & UN, We wish them well in their time-consuming, lengthy, bureaucratic process while we now pursue a different track which we view as more likely to attain prompt success as we continue to destroy the cover-up of murder at Kent State.
On May 3, 2013, Kent May 4 Center now announces our progress at this time.
Our 2013 plan of action: in recent months, we have attained the services of a new audio expert with the most advanced sound-analysis equipment in the world. Due to his busy court testimony schedule, although we planned to announce our new Strubbe tape analysis results before May 4, 2013, we expect to make our announcement in weeks ahead at a KSU news conference.
Kent May 4 Center seeks a new, definitive, thorough, scientific audio analysis which will be irrefutable. We remain confident we will soon announce further verification of the Ohio National Guard shouted military command to "Fire!" just prior to the deadly barrage of gunfire which killed four Kent State students and wounded nine others on May 4, 1970.
We are focused upon digital, forensic evidence at this time. We are not focused upon speculation and conspiracy theories regarding any so-called "sniper fire" which was the primary excuse put forward by the Ohio National Guard in May of 1970. According to hundreds of KSU student eyewitnesses, THERE WAS NO SNIPER. According to all later investigations, incluing the FBI, Ohio National Guard, State Highway Patrol and the President's Commission on Campus Unrest, "THERE WAS NO SNIPER".
Regarding undercover agent Terry Norman who carried a pistol in his shoulder-holster on May 4, there are no eyewitnesses who saw Norman fire his pistol. Norman was observed during a confrontation AFTER the shooting incident when he pulled out his pistol and struck a student on the forehead before he ran away from Blanket Hill but nobody saw him shoot his gun. To continue to raise this red-herring/Terry Norman issue only takes the focus away from the hilltop killer-guardsmen and their commander who ordered the massacre. This remains the focus of Kent May 4 Center and our efforts at this time.
Stay tuned as Kent May 4 Center schedules a news conference at KSU in weeks ahead to announce further definitive forensic proof the Kent State tragedy was the result of an intentional command to kill unarmed Kent State students. Then we will pursue further actions to compel our state and federal governments to finally achknowledge thist truth.
Kent May 4 Center
Kent, Ohio
May 3, 2013

May 4 Task Force students at Kent State University sponsor

43rd annual Commemoration events, May 3 & 4, 2013:


May 3, 2013, Kiva Auditorium, KSU Student Center --



KIVA, 3:30pm: documentary film, "Fire In The Heartland", by Daniel MIller, focused upon 1960s-1970s KSU student activism.


KIVA, 6:30pm: panel discussion, "Student Activism 1970-2013", featuring speakers Bill Ayers of Students for a Democratic Society in the 1960s & David Burstein, author of new book, "Fast Future -- How The Millennials Are Shaping Our World"; followed by an added speaker, Tom Hayden, founder of Students for a Democratic Society in 1962, former State Senator in California, modern day educator and anti-war activist in 2013.


May 4, 2013, NOON-2PM, KSU Commons, outdoors

(Student Center Ballroom if rainy) --

featured speakers: Tom Hayden, Bill Ayers, David Burstein, Russell Miller (brother of KSU martyr Jeff Miller), Joe Lewis (1970 KSU eyewitness & injured casualty), May 4 eyewitness Chic Canfora, music by Charlie Mosbrook, other speakers.



Also, May 4, 2013, events sponsored by the KSU May 4 Visitors Center during their official grand opening events:


4-6pm, Cartwright Hall at KSU, Gwen Ifill moderates a panel of historians & the topic, "Historical Significance of May 4 and the Visitors Center".


7:30-9pm, film director Oliver Stone will address, "History & Memory in Film". Oliver Stone is a US Army infantry veteran of the US War in Vietnam.



Kent May 4 Center is also implementing a comprehensive 2013 plan to persuade the government of Ohio & the USA to finally admit the truth about the Kent State tragedy of 1970. We are currently taking certain actions which will further reveal & expose the longstanding Kent State cover-up.


And we are assisting the students of the May 4 Task Force as they organize the annual May 3-4 Commemoration events on the Kent Sate campus in May of 2013.


Stay tuned for more details here soon.






In 2005, Kent May 4 Center Director Alan Canfora discovered long-overlooked recorded evidence at Yale University's Kent State archive located in Sterling Memorial Library on the Yale campus in New Haven, Connecticutt.


Promptly, in 2005, Canfora requested and secured the first digital copy of a 29-minute analogue tape-recording made on May 4, 1970, by a Kent State student named Terry Strubbe.


In 2006, Canfora discovered within that digitized recording the indisputable command to "FIRE" preceding the deadly Kent State gunfire. Canfora then gathered massive supporting eyewitness evidence supporting the recorded proof of the military command to "FIRE".



On May 1, 2007, Kent May 4 Center Director Alan  Canfora announced proof of the command to "FIRE" and supporting evidence at a news conference on the Kent State campus. This announcement of the most significant Kent State tragedy-related evidence discovered since 1970 was reported worldwide by television, radio, newspapers, magazines & online immediately.


NEW YORK TIMES, May 2, 2007:


THE GUARDIAN, UK, newspaper, May 2, 2007:







In May of 2010, the Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper published expert verification of Canfora's discovery of the digital recorded evidence of an order to shoot Kent State students in 1970.



Kent May 4 Center then in 2010 promptly offered this digital CD recorded evidence to the US Justice Department seeking further verification of this recorded evidence. Kent May 4 Center leaders also met personally with Assistant US Attorney General Thomas Perez in November, 2010, to request justice from the US Justice Department.





In 2010, editorial boards at the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Akron Beacon Journal and Kent Record-Courier newspapers have admitted the legitimacy of this digital recorded evidence and joined our call for new investigations for the sake of historical truth:



Alas, all to no avail.



In April of 2012, the US Justice Department responded to Kent May 4 Center with a disappointing statement saying their new investigation of the digital recorded evidence was "inconclusive". Controversial decision provokes international news coverage again:



On May 3, 2012, Kent May 4 Center and surviving injured 1970 Kent State casualties announced new efforts to compel state & federal government leaders to finally acknowledge the legitimacy of the digital forensic sound evidence proving the Ohio National Guard leadership command to shoot unarmed Kent State students in 1970. More viral news everywhere:




In 2013, Kent May 4 Center remains in action seeking truth & justice at Kent State. In months ahead, we will announce our new progress as we inevitably achieve our goal of truth for the sake of history and not for the sake of punishment or revenge.


Stay tuned as May 4, 2013, now approaches.


Also, please plan to join us in Kent for the 43rd annual Commemoration events on May 3-4, 2013 on the Kent State campus sponsored by the dedicated students of the May 4 Task Force.


Details soon announced here.